Choosing your RV

Published on 11/6/2017

What RV is right for you?


Are you in the market for an RV/MotorHome? If you are, what is the right pick for you? Check out the different types of RV’s to choose from.

Class A Motorhome:

These monsters range from 22 feet to around 45 feet. They run on gas or diesel with engine in front or back. These beasts are excellent for long or short trips, some make these their permanent home. They fit washer and dryers, complete kitchens, full bathrooms, king size beds and more. Usually they contain slide outs to increase living space and are very comfy on the road. Be aware they are not cheap, some cost as much as a standard house, you spend a bit on fuel and maintenance, and watch out for low overhangs.

Class B Motorhome:

The class B is built on a van chassis but has a raised roof, depending on how much you spend you can have many of the same amenities as the Class A. These are easier to drive and overall mobility for parking is easier. Many have showers and bathrooms and full functional shower. These Motorhomes are a little smaller and really is only comfortable for 1-2 persons.

Class C Motorhome:

These are very similar to Class A, but are a lot smaller. Most have slideouts and are roomy enough for groups or families to take long or a weekend trip. They fit tv’s, fridge, Bathroom, and can tow vehicles behind. Prices range broadly, but they are cheaper than Class A.

Fifth Wheel:

Fifth Wheels Offer a lot of the same benefits as Class A,B,and C, with a hitch!

They hitch to the bed of a truck using a special hitch. Depending on the size of the unit, larger trucks may be necessary to pull it. Inside can include Showers, kitchens, bathrooms and all other amenities that come with Motorhomes.

Parking can be an issue as they can be 25 to 45 feet in length. You add that to you towing vehicle and you take up a lot of space!

Travel Trailer:

These sell more than any other RV type. They range from 9 feet to 40 feet and can be pulled by ½ ton pickup (if the RV a smaller type). Most models above 17 feet are self contained and have the kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms. Slideouts are optional and they can have great sleeping accommodations. We recommend speaking with someone who owns/owned one before making a purchasing one of these.


PUP stands for Pop-Up. These compact units fold up into a compact lightweight unit that can be pulled by a car. It is basically a tent on a moving platform. It takes up very little space and often come with space for a fridge, cooking area, sink, and beds. They are small,compact and are easier to store.

Truck Camper:

Truck Campers are self contained RV that slides onto the bed of a pickup truck. They can come with toilet, shower, kitchen, and more. Price is generally based on the amenities you have. Room is limited to 1, maybe 2 people, but is very mobile.